Tangleswap Palm Springs NFTs


Metaverse VIP Pass   |   Edition of 500   |   Sixty Percent


Genuine and magnetic, those who make Tranquillity their home become seduced by glossy lakes and hypnotic reflections. Although seemingly laid back, the easy-going nature of Tranquillity’s inhabitants belies their contemplative habits and inner desire for introspection.


Tranquillity residents become exclusive guests to our triannual metaverse events à la The Great Gatsby.

Such events will serve as a central hang-out spot for the global IOTA community, including champagne, poker, chess, conferences, AMAs, debates, DJs… and perhaps most singularly, VOID treasure hunts for hidden tokens worth hundreds each. For tycoons holding multiple Tranquillity non-fungible tickets, you will be able to use them to invite friends or sell them individually just as with any physical ticket to a festival.


Merlo // @MERLONFT